VICKERS® Polyurethane-50FC High modulus polyurethane sealant

VICKERS® Polyurethane-50FC is a professional high quality sealant
based on polyurethane technology which cures under influence of
humidity to form a durable elastic rubber.

• High modulus
• High mechanical performances
• Permanently elastic
• Paintable with water based paints

Vickers Polyurethane-50FC was specifically developed as a
universal sealant for durable elastic sealing connection and
dilatation joints and joints in pedestrian walkways in building and
industry. Universal construction adhesive for bonding many building
materials such as: stone, concrete, glass, plasterboard, PU, PVC,
hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium,
metals, alloys, stainless steel, wood and paint systems.

Directions Of Use
A joint with the correct dimensions is able to absorb movements
between building materials. The joint depth should always be in the
correct relationship of the joint width. A general rule is the ratio of
joint depth to the width of the joint with a joint width up to 10 mm is
1:1, with a minimum of 5 mm in width and depth. For joints wider
than 10 mm, the depth is the width devided by 3 plus 6 mm. For

• Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics,
neoprene and bituminous substrates
• Not suitable in combination with chlorides (pools)
• Slight yellowing may occur when white sealant is exposed to
ultraviolet rays

Elongation at break ISO 8339 ± 450%
100 % modulus ISO 8339 ± 0,70 N/mm2
Application temperature +5°C to +40°C
Flow ISO 7390 < 3mm
Frost resistance during
transportation Up to -15°C
Shearing strength ISO 4587 ± 1,4 N/mm2
Shorea hardness ISO 868 ± 45
Shrinkage ISO 10563 <10%
Skin formation @ +23°C/50% RH 70 minutes
Temperature resistance -30°C to +70°C
Base Polyurethane
Curing time @ +23°C/50% RH ± 3mm/24 hours
Density ISO 1183-1 ± 1,23 g/ml