VICKERS® Polyurethane-40 sealant

VICKERS® PU 40 is a permanently elastic, one component construction and joint sealant based on Polyurethane. For almost all common surfaces in construction and industry. VICKERS® PU 40 has excellent adhesion properties and is suitable for horizontal dilation and construction joints.

Chemical nature

• Permanently flexible.
• Short cut-off string.
• Stable- No Shrinkage.
• Bonds and seals at the same time.
• Adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
• Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners.
• Non-sag consistency- Good thixotropy.
• Vibration and sound dampening properties.
• Excellent resistance to ageing, weathering- suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
• Over- paintable with many water/solvent based paints (pre-tests are recommended).