VICKERS® Polyurea 1000a

Vickers PUA 1000a is a two-component, ultra
elastic, ultra fast-curing, 100% solids, hot sprayapplied, pure polyurea membrane, obtained from
the reaction of an aromatic, isocyanate prepolymer
with an amino resin. Thanks to its special
composition, the reaction takes place within
seconds and the final product delivers excellent
mechanical and chemical resistance to any kind of
It is applied with a special two-component, high
pressure and temperature spray gun offering the
following advantages:
 Very high elasticity that allows application even
in extreme climatic conditions or complicated
architectural structures.
 Very quick reaction; gel time in seconds.
 Areas can be returned to service immediately.
Pedestrian use may begin within minutes after
 Low to no sensitivity to atmospheric conditions,
such as relative humidity and temperature.
 100% solids, “no VOC” and odorless or nearly
 Excellent physical-mechanical properties:
ultimate tensile stress, crack-bridging ability,
abrasion resistance etc.
 Very high chemical resistance. Recommended
for use in cases of heavy chemical loads.
 Thermal stability at very high temperatures.
 Wide range of layer thickness in one
 After curing, a vapor-permeable membrane is
formed, preventing moisture accumulation.
 Forms a jointless and seamless monolithic
 Can also be safely applied on vertical

Fields of application
Polyurea is used in a large number of
waterproofing and protection applications and is
selected when the primary objective is high
mechanical and chemical resistance, fast
completion of work and immediate return-toservice.