VICKERS® MS-SF: Superfast High Tack


Especially recommended for affixing and connecting heavy elements quickly and without additional fixings. Triples the holding capacity of other adhesives.
Suitable for elastic adhesion in structures that are exposed to vibrations.
Fills cracks.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. UV-resistant.
Can be applied to damp surfaces.
Adhesion to all types of materials (concrete, wood, metal, cork, aluminium, PVC, copper, brick, stone, porcelain... Not recommended for PE, PP and PTFE.


Maximum load of 430 kg/cm3.
Dries instantly in 1 second.
Neutral and odourless.
Pode ser pintado e lixado.
Can be painted and sanded.Ecological (A+ and EnviroCert Certificates).
Solvent free.
Content per unit: 290 ml.